ICASC 2019


The authors should submit extended abstracts of up to 2 pages, written in English. Oral presentations without accepted abstracts are not allowed.

Submitted abstracts will be published, if accepted, in the Book of Abstracts (BoA), which will be made available at the conference venue.

The abstract should clearly state background, objectives, results and conclusions. It may contain figures, tables and pictures.

Please register HERE before submitting your abstract. A submitted abstract can be accepted only if at least one of its authors is registered on the conference site.

You may edit and submit your abstract in two ways:

1. Edit your abstract in MS Word or LaTeX and submit it by e-mail

In this case, please use for your abstract the template of the BoA pages, that can be downloaded here:

MS Word Template           LaTeX Template

The abstract should be emailed to: icasc2019nipne.ro

2. Edit and submit your abstract using Indico

Click HERE and then on the "Submit new abstract" button. Login with the Username and Password with which you registered, or create your Indico account and login. Then fill in the fields of the form.


IFIN. ICASC 2019 Conference

IEEE. ICASC 2019 Conference


Sigla RO-LCG. ICASC 2019 Conference
Sigla RO-LCG. ICASC 2019 Conference


Ministerul Cercetarii si Inovarii. ICASC 2019 Conference

Ministry of Research
and Innovation

AOS. ICASC 2019 Conference

Academy of
Romanian Scientists

ARCAS. ICASC 2019 Conference

DELL. ICASC 2019 Conference

MELLANOX. ICASC 2019 Conference

Abstract submission :
Notification of abstract acceptance: 19.07.2019
Paper submission (OPEN):
Notification of paper acceptance: 01.10.2019
Registration: 01.08.2019